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Everything you need to know about our Primary Care Conference
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This is a critical time for the NHS, and for primary care in particular. There’s a microscope on plans to improve access to services; workforce challenges that will take time to resolve despite the new NHS Long Term Workforce Plan; debate about the new GP and PCN contracts, the role of primary care at scale and we are fast approaching a general election in which both main parties will put forward their ideas impacting the future of primary care.

At the same time there are opportunities – to really showcase what primary care can do if it is supported and empowered. So, there couldn’t be a better time to come together to connect, be inspired and, together, explore how we can shift the dial to a more positive future. That is why the theme of this year’s conference is primary care at the interface - maximising the opportunity of greater connection in neighbourhood, place and system.

This guide will provide you with information you need to know, including the programme, our speakers and exhibitors and the exhibition floorplan.

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  • Art of the possible - innovative approaches to overcoming capacity and resource constraints within primary care

    In this session we will explore strategies for leaders to future-proof the primary care workforce and ensure it has the capacity and capability to meet current and future challenges. We will look at the pivotal role of partnerships and collaboration, bringing together stakeholders from the NHS and private sector.

    The panellists will delve into practical examples of successful collaborations and improvements which have upskilled existing members of the primary care workforce, build strong team approaches and enabled them to assume additional responsibilities and accountabilities to drive efficiencies, retention and improvements in patient experience.    

    With Dr Rupa Joshi, Martin Eades, Kate Ashby and Ravy Gabbria-Nivas.

    In partnership with Novartis. 

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    08:45 - 09:30 Registration, breakfast and exhibition

  • Michael Smith, Chief Executive, Bolton GP Federation and Vice-Chair, NHS Confederation Primary Care Network

  • Whilst much focus is on the 2024/25 contract, we are also heading towards a general election. Hear views from our expert panel as to what needs to happen to achieve a sustainable and thriving primary care system in the years ahead. 

    We will explore some big topics: continuity, workforce, health inequalities and of course what leadership means to our five-strong female panel of national clinical leaders. Delegates will have the opportunity to pose questions in this interactive session.

    With Matthew Taylor, Professor Aruna Garcea, Dr Caroline Taylor, Dr Amanda Doyle, Professor Kamila Hawthorne and Dr Samira Anane.

  • Breakout 1 - Rethinking the relationship: How can primary and secondary care work better together for the benefit of patients and staff? 

    Improving the primary/secondary care interface is regularly cited as one of the biggest challenges to improving access for patients and addressing workload. Increased pressures and demand across the health and care system has resulted in many feeling it’s getting worse, not better. But what can be done about it and how can we develop the culture and relationships that make any change sustainable?

    In this session we talk about the role of primary care and secondary care leaders by thinking differently, challenging assumptions and taking small steps to make big improvements. Whether that’s redesign of care pathways or small improvements to existing process. 

    With Dr Kiren Collinson, Dr Jonathan Griffiths, Dr Sian Stanley and Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard.

    Breakout 2 - Pushing the limits: The estates solution to driving care out of hospital

    Primary care is already delivering out of hospital care in many areas but there is significant opportunity to do more and to make a significant impact within the system. Challenging the idea that primary care estates are always a limiting factor, we will hear from two PCNs that have turned their estates into enablers for additional and enhanced services and examine what it took to achieve this.

    The panel will then discuss what the future looks like for the primary care estate across the country, exploring the challenges and opportunities for primary care at-scale. 

    With Dr Neil Modha, James Foster, Dr John Ribchester and Karina Dare. 

    Breakout 3 - Are Primary Care Provider collaboratives the vehicle for a stronger primary care voice in system and place?

    There has been significant expansion of primary care provider collaboratives in the last 12 months. Hearing from those leading collaboratives, we will look at how they have developed, their functions across the system and how they are working with partners.

    This session will explore the role of primary care provider collaboratives and collaboratives with multiple system partners comprising community, mental health, specialist and acute trusts.

    With Amy Galea, Dr Aamir Munir, Dr Nigel Fraser, Janet Crofts and Paul Sinden. 

    Breakout 4 - Unlocking the potential: tackling local health inequalities through greater collaboration between general practice and community pharmacy in partnership with Optum

    This session will focus on connection and collaboration at the interface between general practice and community pharmacy as a critical juncture in the delivery of effective early intervention, prevention and tackling health inequality.

    Delegates will hear from two systems to set the scene for how effective collaboration can lead to tangible benefits for people, staff and the wider system. This will be followed by table discussions where delegates will be challenged to think differently, to move beyond the barriers and to focus on solutions they can translate to their local context. 

    With Professor Bola Owolabi, Claire Watson, Beth Rushton, Amit Patel and Clare Stallard.

    Resource: Health inequalities in practice – I'm a GP, what can I do? by Professor Bola Owolab and Professor Kamila Hawthorne Hawthorne 

    Resource: Action on Health Inequalities: Perspectives from the Pharmacy Profession by Optum

    In partnership with Optum. 

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  • Breakout 1 - Making the most of your community assets: How Primary Care can drive integrated neighbourhoods, by working with partners

    Integrated neighbourhood working may feel like a new concept to some, but in many parts of the country, working in a more integrated way within a community is certainly not new.

    Primary care providers can and should be core to integrated neighbourhood working but drawing on existing community assets, passionate team members and community connectors is key to a truly bottom-up, locally led approach to improving community integration.

    In this session, we will test our assumptions on what it means to be an integrated neighbourhood; there will be an interactive session to consider what steps we can take, what assets we can draw on and how we don’t fall into the trap of an over engineered and process-driven approach.

    We will hear about the work NHS Confederation is embarking on to support and advocate for integrated neighbourhood working and how you can join, and be supported, by the community of the willing.

    With Matthew Taylor, Katherine Saunders, Dr Louise Clarke, May Connelly and Matt Leach.
    Breakout 2 - Beyond health: What is primary care’s role as an economic anchor?

    The impact of primary care is felt across the whole system, but its role in supporting delivery of system level objectives is not always acknowledged. This session will focus on the role of primary care in delivering on the ICS’ fourth purpose - ‘helping the NHS to support broader social and economic development’ - drawing on our recent research with Carnall Farrar and first-hand experience of how primary care can support their community beyond health. 

    With Lord Victor Adebowale, Michael Wood, Dr Jo Sauvage and Ben Richardson.

    Breakout 3 -  Is there a different way of commissioning Primary Medical Services?

    Hertfordshire and West Essex ICB are the first to announce their plans to award a general medical services (GMS) contract to a PCN, a significant decision that could potentially signal a new era for PCNs.
    This spotlight session on Hertfordshire will take delegates through the approach and decision-making process, and points of consideration for others considering alternative models for delivery of primary medical services in their systems.
    Speakers from Hertfordshire and West Essex ICB will be joined by a panel of primary care leaders to discuss the future of at-scale organisations holding GMS contracts. 
    With Nigel Edwards, Avni Shah, Michael Smith, Rachel Halksworth, Dr Berge Balian and Rakesh Marwaha. 
    Breakout 4 - Modern leadership capability as a pre-requisite for creating new models of care
    Successfully delivering new models of care is achieved by developing conducive operating environments and underpinned by modern leadership capability.
    This session will explore how leaders have been strengthening their own leadership agency and impact, whilst focusing on their development to create these environments and innovate to deliver new models/pathways of care. During the session we will be drawing on insights from NHS Confederation leadership development programmes.
    With Louise Wheeler, Nick Downham, Dr Gen Wong and Dr Aravinth Balachandran. 
  • Owen Eastwood, world-renowned performance coach who specialises in culture and leadership.

  • Lord Victor Adebowale, Chair, NHS Confederation

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