Headshot of Beth Rushton

Beth Rushton

Senior Clinical Pharmacist, Nottingham West PCN

Beth has over two decades of experience in primary care, currently serving as the Senior Clinical Pharmacist for Nottingham West PCN.

In her current role as Senior Clinical Pharmacist for Nottingham West PCN, Beth leads a dynamic team of pharmacists and technicians across 12 GP practices. Beyond her managerial responsibilities, she plays a key role in developing, leading, and actively participating in the PCN's innovative Pharmacist-led Cardiology Service as a Pharmacist Prescriber.

Her expertise spans various roles, including both practice and strategic levels across the region. Notably, Beth has been instrumental in prescribing for asthma patients, leading medicines optimisation initiatives, conducting practice-level prescribing visits, and spearheading initiatives in wound care, respiratory health, gluten-free prescribing, and self-care prescribing  across Nottinghamshire.