Headshot of Clare Watson

Clare Watson

Clare is the Health Inequalities Lead for Nottingham West PCN

Clare is the Health Inequalities Lead for Nottingham West PCN and began her journey in healthcare as a midwife in London. Recognised for her innovation, she later became one of the first Midwifery Clinical Fellows in the UK.   

Clare's commitment to serving vulnerable groups saw her work in areas of high deprivation and specialising in female genital mutilation and teenage pregnancy. Subsequently she trained as a forensic crisis worker alongside her midwifery role.

Since 2006, Clare has held senior leadership positions within women's services, both in operational and strategic capacities. During a maternity career break, Clare chose to return to work mid-pandemic to help establish a large Covid-19 vaccination service, showcasing her adaptability and commitment to public health.

Clare's passion for reducing health inequalities is at the forefront of her work today, she is passionate about seeking to address the root causes of inequality and is driven by a strong desire to contribute to positive change. As the Health Inequalities Lead, Clare continues to make significant strides towards creating a more equitable and inclusive healthcare landscape.