Provider Collaboration Forum

Bringing together people working across different types of NHS organisation to share learning, exchange ideas and shape policy development.
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Strong collaboration between providers will form the bedrock of statutory integrated care systems.

From well-established and formal collaboratives, to developing partnerships and more informal arrangements, our forum supports provider collaboration in all of its forms - whether at place, system or cross-system level.

Join the forum to benefit from:

  • peer learning sets - uniting providers around a shared interest or ambition to drive innovation
  • peer networks - connecting you with peers at the same stage of development
  • monthly thought leadership sessions - convening all learning sets to showcase work, discuss thematic issues and share the latest thinking.

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  • Provider organisations have historically worked together to address mutual challenges. But the requirement for some providers to be part of a collaborative, and the formal role for provider collaboratives in the structure of integrated care systems, are new and need careful consideration.

    As the organisation that brings together the whole healthcare system in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, we are uniquely positioned to support you to collaborate and work across organisational and/or sector boundaries.

    As a member of the Provider Collaboration Forum, you benefit from learning and insight to take your collaboration to the next level. Plus, as part of a community of collaboratives, you can add your voice to shape policy development.

    Benefit from peer learning groups and leadership and regional support.

  • Collaborations could include those formed around:

    • back-office functions and place-based collaboration
    • themes, such as commissioning, clinical leadership, procurement, workforce, primary care, community, mental health or acute care.

NHS ConfedExpo

We are looking forward to seeing you at NHS ConfedExpo in Liverpool on 15-16 June.

Over the course of the two days, there will be wealth of engaging content and opportunities to network with peers.

We are running a session on Wednesday 15 June exploring how ICSs can work most effectively with all the different types of provider collaboratives in their locality.

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Benefit from learning and insight to take your provider collaboration to the next level.

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