The NHS at 75: How do we meet the needs of future generations?

Report from the Welsh NHS Confederation calling for a national conversation on how we co-produce a health and care service for the future.

4 July 2023

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We’re calling for a national conversation to co-produce a health and care service for the future.


A national conversation should cover:

Icon of two people shaking hands with a heart beat arrhythmia line.

To debate: Population health and wellbeing

The solution: Reshaping the public's relationship with the NHS 


Icon of a house with a heart cut out indicating health care.

To debate: Increase in frailty and long-term conditions

The solution: Shifting services closer to home 


Icon of a person with a speech bubble above their head. Featured on a archery type target board.

To debate: Performance targets

The solution: Quality-based outcomes focusing on patient experience


Icon of three people holding gears in a cog.

To debate: Siloed working in all sectors

The solution: One public service   

Icon of a heart with two people looking outwards.

To debate: Care in the community

The solution: National Health and Care Service 


Icon of a doctor in a shield.

To debate: Health and care workforce

The solution: Promoting staff wellbeing and developing cross-sector skills  


Icon of coins on a scale.

To debate: Inequalities and cost of living

The solution: Cross-government approach to reducing poverty and inequalities  


Icon of a piggy bank with coins going into it.

To debate: Getting value for money from the NHS

The solution: Long-term financial certainty and investing in Welsh communities   


Icon of a hand placing a coin in a hospital piggy bank.

To debate: NHS estates and infrastructure

The solution: Capital investment plan to improve patient experience, quality of care and energy efficiency  


Icon of a person holding a globe in their hand.

To debate: Impact of climate change on future generations

The solution: Changing behaviours to tackle the climate crisis   


Take a look at our infographic or read in Welsh.