Welsh Partnership Forum (WPF)

A description of the NHS Wales or Welsh Partnership Forum (WPF) structure, membership, meetings and work undertaken
Welsh Partnership Forum

What is the Welsh Partnership Forum (WPF)?

The NHS Welsh Partnership Forum (WPF) has been established as the forum where the Welsh Government, NHS Wales’s employers and trade unions and professional organisations work together to improve health services for the staff and the people of Wales. It is the forum where key stakeholders can engage with key policy leads from across the Welsh Government to inform thinking around national priorities on health issues.

The main purpose of the Welsh Partnership Forum is the development, support and delivery of workforce policies on a national, regional and local level. The Welsh Partnership Forum provides strategy leadership on partnership working between employers and employee representatives.

The principle focus and purpose of the WPF is:

  • Service change and modernisationto redesign services to be modernised in line with the aims within A Healthier Wales.
  • Service Deliveryinfluencing, developing and engaging in the formulation of national strategies to ensure they are deliverable and have ownership.
  • Workforcetaking a national overview on issues regarding the workforce.

It is also involved in all aspects of strategic implementation including:

  • planning
  • education
  • recruitment
  • retention
  • development; and
  • support of NHS Wales staff.

The WPF is supported by a Business Committee (WPFBC) and the Medical and Dental Business Group (MDBG) established to oversee the business of the WPF and manage the range of workforce issues that require more detailed work.

The Workforce Partnership Council (WPC) 

The Workforce Partnership Council (WPC) is a partnership of the trade unions, employers, and Welsh Government. It covers the devolved public services in Wales and is a forum for cross-public services workforce matters. You can read more about the WPC here: Workforce Partnership Council | GOV.WALES