Welsh Partnership Forum - Medical and Dental Business Group

Description of the Medical & Dental Business Group (MDBG), Membership, Meetings and work undertaken

The MDBG is thee the exclusive forum for the negotiation of medical and dental terms and conditions of service which apply exclusively to medical and dental staff employed in NHS Wales on Welsh only terms and conditions. The MDBG oversees the implementation of negotiated agreements and their associated provisions ensuring that they are consistently applied across NHS Wales for those negotiated on a Wales only basis or a UK basis.  

  • Lisa Gostling
    Jason Brannan
    Neil Lewis
    Debbie Eyitayo
    Gareth Hardacre
  • Sue Green
    Rob Bailey (Joint Sectertiat)
  • Sharon Edwards
    Sharon Vickery
    Meriel Jenney
  • Annie Jones
    Helen Arthur
    Sarah Whittam
    Chantelle Jenkins
    Chris Jones
    Emma Coles
    Martin Mansfield
  • Erica Stamp 
    Evan Sun
    Lucy Merredy
    Merlin Gable
    Rodney Berman
    Sarah Ellmes (joint secteriat)
    Simon Hodder
    Milan Makwana
    Raj Nirula
    Michael Thomas
    Sarah Miller
    Ioana Collins
    Stephen Kelly
    John Scattergood