Welsh Partnership Forum Membership, Meetings and Documentation

WPF Membership, Meetings and Documentation

Welsh Partnership Forum

The WPF membership comprises representation from each of the constituent parties - Welsh Government, NHS Wales's employers and trade unions/professional organisations as represented on the NHS Staff Council. - The constituent organisations are responsible for agreeing the nominations to the WPF and in so doing ensure that participants reflect the diverse nature of the NHS Wales.

The WPF will have 3 Co-Chairs, the Chief Executive for NHS Wales supported by the Workforce and OD Director Welsh Government as Business Committee Chair, the Chief Executive lead for Workforce supported by the Chair of Workforce and Organisation Development Director of NHS Wales employing organisation as Business Committee Chair, and an elected Chair from the Trade Unions. 

The Minister for Health & Social Services will be invited to attend at least one WPF meeting per annum for all or part of the business of the meeting.  

  • Judith Paget - Director General Health and Social Care/Chief Executive NHS Wales
    Nicky Hughes - Royal College of Nursing (RCN)
    Nicola Prygodzicz- Chief Executive (NHS Wales Employing organisation)
  • British Association and College of Occupational Therapists (BAOT)
    Peter Hewin
    Ruby James
    British Dental Association (BDA)
    Christie Owen
    British Medical Association (BMA)
    Erica Stamp
    Iona Collins
    Lucy Merredy
    Sarah Ellmes (secretariat)
    Sarah Millar (secretariat)
    British & Irish Orthoptics Society (BOT)
    Sam Aitkenhead
    College of Podiatry (COP)
    Diana Scottbrown
    Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP)
    Adam Morgan
    Louise Wright
    Federation of Clinical Scientists (FCS)
    Geoffrey Armstrong
    Nathan Holman
    Jonathan Strachan-Taylor
    Hospital Consultants & Specialists Association (HCSA)
    Gareth Howells (Observer)
    Managers in Partnership (MiP)
    Pete Lowe (Observer)
    Royal College of Midwives (RCM)
    Vicky Richards
    Julie Richards
    Royal College of Nursing (RCN)
    Jackie Davies
    Nicola Milligan
    Tanya Bull
    Stefan Senese
    Dawn Ward
    Nadia Probert
    Jan Tomlinson
    Richard Munn
    Alison Pawley
    Society of Radiographers (SoR)
    Caroline Hurley
    • Helen Arthur
    • Emma Coles
    • Annie Jones
    • Chantelle Jenkins
    • Martin Mansfield
    • Angharad Steele
    • Gillian Knight
    • Sara Whittam
    • Amber Courtney
    • Charlotte Cosserat


  • Alex Howells (Chief Executives)
    Pushpinder Mangat (Medical Directors)
    Greg Dix (Directors of Nursing & Midwifery)
    Gareth Evans (Directors of Therapies)
    Alison Ramsey (Directors of Planning)
    Huw George (Directors of Finance)
    Lisa Gostling (Workforce & OD Directors)
    Hywel Daniel (Workforce & OD Directors)
    Sarah Simmonds (Workforce & OD Directors)
    Rachel Gidman (Workforce & OD Directors)
    Gareth Hardacre (Workforce & OD Directors)
    Neil Lewis (Workforce & OD Directors)
    Angela Lewis (Workforce & OD Directors)
    Sue Green (NHS Wales Employers)
    Andrew Davies (NHS Wales Employers)
    Andrea Thomas (NHS Wales Employers)