Everything affects health: An update to our briefing 'Mind the gap: what's stopping change?'

Welsh NHS Confederation Health and Wellbeing Alliance briefing on tackling health inequalities in Wales.

24 November 2022

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The stories behind the stats

In this briefing, we have collected stories which describe how organisations from across Wales are working to reduce poverty, ill health and inequalities by breaking down barriers across health, social services, housing, benefits and welfare advice, transport, loneliness and isolation, climate change, air pollution and much more. Read on to learn about the stories behind the stats.

Cross-sector working in action: how organisations across Wales are working to reduce poverty, ill health and inequalities.

This set of case studies describes how organisations across Wales are working across borders and boundaries to help the most vulnerable people in our society. This cross-sector working should be supported and encouraged by the Welsh Government with a cross-government action plan.

“Expertise [in improving population health] lies across a range of people – especially the lived experience of communities, powerful insights of the voluntary sector, the technical skill of public health teams, and insights from data and intelligence teams across a range of partner organisations.”
The King’s Fund

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