Pressures on the NHS are being compounded by those on the social care sector

Darren Hughes, director of the Welsh NHS Confederation, responded to the latest Welsh Government Press Conference.

10 September 2021

Responding to the latest Welsh Government Press Conference, Darren Hughes, director of the Welsh NHS Confederation, said:

“We know that Coronavirus is rising in our communities once more and this is having an undeniable effect on health and care services across Wales.

“As cases rise, so too do the numbers of Covid patients in hospital and for some, intensive care, adding to the already extreme pressure on the NHS and its staff. Taking up the offer of a vaccine remains the best form of defence and we strongly encourage all those who have not yet taken up the offer to come forward.

“However, pressures on the NHS are not just from rising Covid cases, but from simultaneously trying to deal with the backlog of patients while experiencing unprecedented levels of demand on ambulance services and emergency departments.

“These pressures are being compounded by the inability to discharge many medically fit patients into social care settings due to extreme pressures faced by the sector.

“Now that the government has more information on future funding for social care, we need a clear, sustainable, long-term plan for the sector, as well as short-term solutions to stabilise what is a very challenging and untenable situation.”