ICS and STP Leader Network

The issues you have told us are most important to you

Policy and guidance

We will work with you to identify the key themes and issues that you would like us to focus on. In our discussions with leaders thus far, these are the key issues that have emerged:

Representing system leaders and influencing national policy

  • Making the case for wider investment in the health and care system, including investment in social care, capital, public health, training and education and local government more generally.
  • Advocating a national and regional operating model from NHS England/NHS Improvement that recognises and responds to different STP and ICS starting points and empowers local leaders, ensuring they have autonomy and flexibility.
  • Supporting the development of the ‘engine rooms’ of STP and ICS partnerships, providing systems with the capacity and capability that they will need to succeed.
  • Promoting place-based working that brings together all the partners working to improve the health and well-being of their local population 

Supporting ICS development towards the goal of all systems achieving ICS status by 2021

  • Providing opportunities to share information and learning between systems across the country.
  • Helping shape policy on the ICS authorisation process, operation of system control totals and some of the continuing challenges in building effective relationships with system partners.
  • Establishing what good looks like for an ICS and exploring specific aspects of the ICS’s role, such as  the relationship with strategic commissioning. 

Sharing knowledge and best practice

  • Providing access to case studies and best practice examples.
  • Facilitating a peer support approach, for example in relation to the development of five-year system plans.
  • Considering the interface between system, place and neighbourhood, including the relationship with emerging primary care networks.  

Providing practical support to system leaders and the wider STP and ICS team

  • Providing opportunities for systems to establish ‘buddying’ relationships to support shared learning.
  • Connecting leaders across the NHS, local government and other public services.
  • Hosting regular events and webinars that respond to specific development needs and areas of common interest.
  • Creating opportunities for knowledge-sharing through national events, where appropriate, and in partnership with other national organisations.

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