About the ICS Network

Influencing national policy, sharing learning and insight, and connecting leaders across all 42 health and care systems.

As the only independent network for integrated care systems we are proud to support and represent our members from all 42 ICSs across the country 

We represent

We represent members' views, expert knowledge and concerns at the highest levels, engaging with leaders on the issues that matter most to them.

We engage with ministers on key issues such as social care reform and elective recovery and take part in national roundtable discussions on issues including system regulation and public health reform.

We have developed effective working relationships with colleagues in NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSEI) and DHSC, which allow us to both inform and influence guidance on key topics such as provider collaboratives, ICS governance and system finance.

Our close partnership with the Local Government Association helps us to reinforce the role of ICSs as a partnership of equals.

The NHS Confederation also speaks out regularly in the national media on behalf of ICS Network members, with statements on key issues including the health and care bill, NHS funding and the challenges facing the primary care sector.

“The opportunity to collaborate with others, the opportunities to network, the opportunity to influence national policy and get your voice heard.”  

Rob Webster, Chief Executive, West Yorkshire and Harrogate Partnership 

We connect

Our regular ICS Network Advisorate and ICS Network Chairs and Leads meetings provide a dedicated independent space for ICS chairs and ICS executive leaders to exchange ideas, share experiences and challenges, and connect directly with policy makers to influence national thinking. 

Wider ICS members have been supported to connect with their peers through our dedicated forums, such as our system finance group and the ICS communications and engagement leads forum, helping to influence specific areas of work including ICS branding and naming conventions for ICSs and system finance policy.

Alongside these forums, members can also connect to wider NHS Confederation activity and peer support on issues including provider collaboratives and place-based working, linking with peers from across the health and care sector. Members can also benefit from the NHS Confederation’s leadership networks, including our Non-Executive Leaders Network, BME Leaders Network, LGBTQ+ Leaders Network and Health and Care Women Leaders Network.

The NHS Confederation’s regional engagement team connects with their local ICSs as an additional form of support and advice, helping to support peer learning and sharing across the Confed’s wider membership.

The ICS Network national conference is the first time a face-to-face event has been held for all ICSs across the country, providing a unique opportunity for ICS members to connect and engage in peer-to-peer discussion, learning and networking.

We support

Our regular Spotlight sessions have helped to convene ICS leaders to discuss specific topics of interest, helping to support peer learning and sharing as well as drawing on expertise from other national partners such as Social Enterprise UK, the Independent Healthcare Providers Network, NHSEI and DHSC.

Our briefings on new pieces of national guidance help to bring out the main points that all ICS leads need to focus on, with recent publications including reports on integrated care boards and integrated care partnerships.

We ensure all members are kept updated with any news and announcements via our website, fortnightly ICS Leaders Bulletin, daily Confed bulletins and instant updates through our WhatsApp groups, which we used to share intelligence and seek real-time member feedback to support our influencing activities.

Our recent state of the nation survey captures the views from ICSs across the country on the major issues and challenges in the run up to April 2022. It will be shared as a public report later this year to ensure those voices are widely heard and influencing our national conversations.

We have also worked to support our ICS Network members by sharing and highlighting examples of best practice and have established a project to collate case studies from across the country on subjects facing all ICSs as they work towards April 2022.

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