Membership benefits

Discover all the benefits that being a member of the ICS Network and the wider NHS Confederation brings

As the only membership body for the whole health and care system, the NHS Confederation has a unique role to play in promoting collaboration and partnership working, bringing together all parts of the system to foster integration between services and leaders. 

Alongside their ICS Network member benefits, all ICSs are currently able to access a wider pool of NHS Confederation resources, publications, events and webinars, and have opportunities to address key system-wide themes and connect with wider Confed members to understand their experience and perspectives.

Our ICS Network Strategy outlines our work for 2024/25 and how we plan to support all our members: 

“I value being part of a network that's a part of the broader NHS confederation because the NHS Confederation has a much broader perspective on what's happening in health and care and can bring that in to benefit us in our network.” 

Jenni Douglas-Todd – Chair for Dorset Integrated Care System

ICS Network members can also connect to wider NHS Confederation activity and peer support on issues including provider collaboratives and place-based working, linking with peers from across the health and care sector. 

Members can also benefit from the NHS Confederation’s leadership networks, including our Non-Executive Leaders Network, BME Leaders Network, LGBTQ+ Leaders Network and Health and Care Women Leaders Network.

“With the current changing environment, it feels more important than ever to have an independent space for systems to come together away from the more formal NHS infrastructure.”  

Dr Claire Fuller, CEO for Surrey Heartlands ICS