Equality, diversity and inclusion

Supporting members to embed equality, diversity and inclusion into service planning and delivery to meet the needs of all communities.
A rainbow crossing in Camden.

Our equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) programme supports members to improve EDI accountability and leadership, tackling inequality through our EDI networks and partnerships.   

We aim to increase the diversity of NHS leaders and to empower communities by working with a wide range of staff to develop and lead radical approaches addressing health inequity.  

Our EDI programme has three key aims with measurable outcomes: 


Development of radical co-produced EDI approaches, recognising that inequity in health outcomes and workforce inequality are interwoven; help members to use data to drive practical deliverables which reduce health inequality. 


Help members to implement innovative and effective solutions for building diverse leadership; including increased non-executive director diversity. 


An improved equality delivery system (EDS) to hold organisations to account; personally accountable service/system leaders using EDS data effectively to measurably tackle inequality. 

The NHS Confederation also hosts the independent NHS Race and Health Observatory, which offers valuable support to members to identify and tackle ethnic inequalities in health and care. 

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