The NHS Long Term Plan

What the plan means for health and care organisations and the wider system, and how the NHS Confederation will support members.

7 January 2019

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The launch of the NHS long-term plan saw the NHS enter a new era. After a decade which saw the lowest funding since the service was founded, significantly more investment is promised over the five years from 2019/20.

The long-term plan sets out a strategy for the health service for the next ten years. It is a wide ranging and ambitious document, articulating a new service model with greater emphasis on primary and community care; increased emphasis on mental healthcare, prevention and health inequalities; a clear focus on quality and outcome improvement in areas where greater progress is seen as necessary; some workforce reforms; wholesale rebalancing of the NHS’s relationship with digital services and significant changes to the financial regime.

This document sets out the NHS Confederation’s view on the plan and summarises the main details.