Letter to the new Prime Minister : winter health service emergency without urgent government action

The NHS Confederation wrote to the new Prime Minister Liz Truss with stakeholders representing NHS leaders, clinicians and users of NHS services.

7 September 2022

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The NHS Confederation, NHS Providers, the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, National Voices and the Richmond Group of Charities have penned a joint letter to the new Prime Minister warning that without urgent action on key priorities the NHS risks being trapped in a relentless cycle unable to meet rising patient need and demand.

The five organisations, which together represent NHS leaders, clinicians and patients, are calling on the new government to take rapid action to address five key priorities in the short term. 

These priorities are

  • Workforce
  • Social care
  • Capital funding 
  • The impact of the cost of living crisis and inflation
  • Strengthening the voice of people living with ill health in decision making