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Health and Safety Policy

The management of health and safety of the workforce within the workplace of the NHS Confederation.

31 March 2022

Whistleblowing Policy

Supporting and encouraging individuals to raise genuine concerns about suspected wrongdoing within the organisation, without fear of reprisal.

31 March 2022

Business Continuity Policy

A framework for ensuring the NHS Confederation can respond and cope with an unexpected significant incident or major interruption.

31 January 2022

Travel and Expenses Policy

Arrangements for both travel and expense claims for costs incurred in the course of delivering NHS Confederation business.

30 November 2021

Anti-Bribery Policy

Our responsibilities, and the responsibilities of those working for us, in preventing bribery and corruption

30 November 2021

Acceptable Use Policy

The conditions of use and the expected behaviours of those with access to the NHS Confederation’s systems.

31 October 2020

IT Security Policy and Procedures

The NHS Confederation’s position and arrangements for the installation and use of IT facilities and equipment, including dealing with any abuse.

30 October 2020

Bring Your Own Device Policy (BYOD)

Ensuring the NHS Confederation remains in control of the data for which it is responsible, regardless of the ownership of the device used.

30 October 2020

Grievance Policy

A framework for dealing with all types of grievances.

30 September 2016

Reference list

Source information for the infographic on why mental health, autism and learning disability services have to change.

2 December 2022