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Be the change

Ten recommendations from a joint international summit on urgent and emergency behavioural healthcare, hosted by NHSCC and RI International.

3 October 2018

Developing the long term plan for the NHS

CCGs face a number of barriers when integrating across system and place. NHSCC has therefore produced 5 ‘asks’ to better support integration.

30 September 2018

Evidence-based interventions

Members would welcome proposals on additional interventions and which would reduce activity of low clinical effectiveness and relative value.

28 September 2018

Statutory Scheme

We support the principles of the statutory scheme and the Pharmaceutical Price Regulation Scheme 2014 to limit the cost of branded medicines.

18 September 2018

Autism (Wales) Bill

There is insufficient evidence to show that autism-specific legislation would enhance services being delivered across NHS Wales and local government.

17 September 2018

Taking the value-based agenda forward

This paper explores how to spread the adoption of value-based healthcare across all parts of the system.

17 September 2018

Lives we want to lead

We fundamentally disagree with the proposal for health and wellbeing boards to take on statutory duties to commission primary and community care.

16 September 2018

Welsh Government draft budget

Radical transformation of healthcare is now the only way in which NHS Wales can hope to be on a sustainable footing for the longer term.

13 September 2018