The Queen's Speech

A briefing on the legislation announced in the Queen's Speech of note to the NHS.

15 October 2019

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Key points

As expected, the government committed to bring forward draft legislation to support the implementation of the NHS Long Term Plan.

  • The government reiterated its intention to bring forward proposals to reform adult social care.
  • The government committed to introduce the draft Health Service Safety Investigations Bill to parliament.
  • The government committed to put a bill on medicines and medical devices to parliament.
  • The government stated that it would work to reform the Mental Health Act.
  • The government committed to reintroduce the European Withdrawal Bill, pending negotiations with the EU.
  • The government outlined its aim to introduce an immigration bill to parliament intended to end free movement.
  • The government committed to developing a white paper setting out how greater devolution of decision making might take place.
  • The government will create an independent regulator to scrutinise environmental policy and law, investigate complaints and take enforcement action.