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Primary Care Federation Network: our priorities 2021/22

This paper sets out the background to the Primary Care Federation Network and its priorities for 2021/22.

14 May 2021

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It describes the important contribution of primary care provider organisations typically known as ‘GP federations’ and the potential risks if there is no clear policy on their future role.

Federations are large-scale primary care providers rooted in general practice and the values of the NHS, formed by constituent members of individual practices and primary care networks (PCNs). There are around  200 federations across the country. 

The NHS Confederation has established the Primary Care Federation Network to support and enhance the valuable role that federations play in their local systems and to provide a national voice to influence on their behalf. It is complementary to the PCN Network and each  is strengthened by the existence of the other. We recognise our interdependencies and the benefits of collaborating on issues of mutual  interest or concern, while acknowledging each network’s unique  contribution to the system.