Population health management: PCN Network conference session summary

An overview of talking points and key questions at this PCN Network conference session on population health management.

1 December 2020

Catch up on the talking points at this PCN Network virtual conference session.

Chair and panellists

  • Jacquie White, Director of System Development, NHS England and NHS Improvement
  • Colette Goldrick, Executive Director Strategy and Partnerships, Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dr Simone Yule, Clinical Director Board Member, PCN Network; CD The Vale Network
  • Dr Farzana Hussain, Co-Chair, PCN Network; CD Newham Central 1 PCN

Key points

Data and outcomes
We need to understand the needs of the population. However, don’t work in isolation, speak to others in your system who may have access to other data. Remember that at an individual level, needs and priorities can be defined by the patient, rather than those who write the policies or gather the data.

Improving population health through effective partnerships is a common theme across national priorities and enables positive action in impactful ways. Understand your partnership opportunities locally. Doing this well will help meet the PCN DES.

Health inequalities, health equity and health justice
Consider what this means for your population and your PCN.

This primer provides an introduction to population health management for PCNs. It answers key questions intended to guide PCNs’ thinking and practice and showcases examples of how PCNs have adopted the approach.

Key quote

"Population health management is 10 per cent data and 90 per cent culture change."

Questions for consideration

  • How can we make population health management routine for PCNs?
  • How can we improve the links between local public health specialists and PCNs across the board?

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