NHS Confederation responds to the latest NHS vacancy and workforce statistics

Danny Mortimer responds to the latest NHS vacancy and workforce statistics

24 August 2023

Responding to the latest NHS workforce and vacancy statistics, Danny Mortimer, deputy chief executive of the NHS Confederation said:

"These latest figures show a rise in NHS staff vacancies since the last quarter, with the vacancy rate now at over 125,000. Although this rise is less than what it was this time last year and despite an increase of full-time equivalent staff working in the service, healthcare leaders are still concerned that investment in staff numbers and action on efficiency cannot keep pace with demand for services.

“Leaders are particularly worried about primary care. With there being fewer fully qualified full time equivalent GPs than the same time last year, the government is a way off on delivering its manifesto promise of 5,000 extra before the next election.

“In the longer term the government funded workforce plan for the NHS will make a difference and in the meantime our members are focused more than ever on the things they can do to improve working conditions for their people. The focus on staff retention is a really important part of the plan, but so are the new entry routes, roles and ways of working."