NHS Confederation responds to Health Foundation’s survey on the public’s perceptions of the NHS

Dr Layla McCay responds to a survey from the Health Foundation on the public’s perceptions of the NHS.

8 September 2022

Responding to the Health Foundation’s survey on the public’s perceptions of the NHS, director of policy at the NHS Confederation Dr Layla McCay said:

“These results show how strong public support for the NHS continues to be with 77% of people believing it is crucial to British society to maintain health services with 71% also saying the government should set aside greater investment in the health service.  

“Mirroring the concerns of health leaders, this polling shows that the public also see investment in a long term fully funded workforce strategy as a top priority for the government with vacancy rates that now top 130,000. 

“It is clear that the public also expect a clear plan that addresses the situation in health and social care before it becomes a full-scale emergency. 

“NHS leaders want the government to set out an immediate support package for the health service as it approaches a perilous winter and act quickly and decisively to support the NHS and social care throughout the turbulent weeks and months ahead."