NHS and partners will step up to autumn booster challenge amid pressures

Welsh NHS Confederation assistant director Nesta Lloyd-Jones responds to the latest from Welsh Government on the autumn booster roll-out in Wales.

15 August 2022

Responding to the Welsh Government announcement of the autumn Covid booster roll-out in Wales, Nesta Lloyd-Jones, assistant director of the Welsh NHS Confederation, said: 

“We welcome the news that eligible adults in Wales have begun to be invited for their COVID-19 autumn booster and, in line with JCVI advice, the Welsh Government has accepted the recommendation of the use of the bivalent vaccine. This will ensure that those most at risk in our society can receive the best protection on offer, as COVID-19 continues to have a presence in our communities. 

“The COVID vaccines have enabled us to return to our “normal” lives, but as we go into the autumn/winter period, pressures and demand on the health and social care system are higher than they’ve ever been. 

“Although the NHS, with their partners, are well-versed in scaled-up vaccination roll-outs, the autumn booster roll-out will still require massive logistical and workforce support to be successfully implemented.  

“We thank all those who’ve been involved in the roll-out of the vaccination programme throughout the pandemic – they’ve played a huge part in weakening the effect of the virus and in many cases, saved lives. 

“We urge all those invited for both a flu and COVID-19 booster vaccine to take up the offer wherever possible, as this will improve protection against severe illness for the most vulnerable in our communities.”