The Leadership Mentoring Programme

This new programme will help BME leaders to navigate their own leadership journey and its challenges, and to support others to do the same.

15 November 2022

The BME Leadership Network’s recent Shattered Hopes report highlighted how career progression for BME leaders in the NHS can be challenging; and that succession planning and talent development are not occurring at sufficient scale to support the next generation of diverse leaders.

To address this the BME Leadership Network has developed the Leadership Mentoring Programme (LMP). The programme is available exclusively to BME Leadership Network members.

The programme will support members to:

  • Explore the range of skills you already possess, the system and environment within which you work, and how you are navigating your career.
  • Be challenged to reflect upon your own values and beliefs as well as upon those of your organisation.
  • Become comfortable in occupying the space you are in and confident in how you steer where you go next.

The sessions will provide a safe space enabling you to consider creative solutions to the challenges you face. To achieve this growth, you will be placed outside of your comfort zone but with the full support of your mentoring group. Sessions are run virtually bi-monthly for an hour, but members will be required to work on the outcomes from sessions beyond this time commitment.

The LMP is best suited to individuals working towards senior management but unable to make that move, and those who are new or have transitioned from a clinical role into senior management.

The LMP is available to BME Leadership Network members. If you’re not already a member, please sign up here.

To apply for the LMP, please complete this form by 15 December.

Take a look at this short video from Dr Masood Ahmed, associate chief clinical information officer at NHS Midlands and chief digital officer at West Midlands AHSN, talking about his experience of the programme during its pilot phase.

Dr Ahmed: My experience

  • Zainab’s mentoring story

    "I was looking to learn from someone who could relate to the unique experiences I was going through. I was an NHS graduate management trainee and often found myself in rooms where I was the only one who looked like me and few seemed to have similar experiences to me. I therefore wanted to learn from someone who could understand my unique journey and be able to provide the mentorship, advice, support and critical challenge to help me optimise the unique experiences I was going through.

    At NHS Expo 2019, I found myself inspired by a panel discussion on innovation and diversity (moderated by Wayne Farah, co-facilitator of the BME Leadership Network). Immediately afterwards, I reached out to him and that’s where our mentoring relationship started. When I went in, I thought I was getting one amazing mentor but ended up with four incredible leaders to learn from, all providing me with different experiences, perspectives and insight.

    The diversity and psychological safety amongst us was powerful. For example, at a particularly difficult time during the height of the pandemic and rise in the conversations around Black Lives Matter and anti-racism in society and the workplace, I found the group especially helpful in providing me with a safe space to reflect and learn from the complex and challenging situations I was going through. They provided me with advice and support to build my resilience, confidence and leadership in this space.

    I believe this mentoring experience has helped shape me as an advocate and minority leader and thus would strongly recommend it to any others looking for peer support to accelerate their development."