BME Leadership Network

Strengthening the voice of black and minority ethnic leaders.
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The BME Leadership Network exists to strengthen the voice of NHS black and minority ethnic (BME) leaders and to support NHS organisations to meet the needs of all communities.

Watch our short video to learn more about its purpose and how it's supporting members.

We meet quarterly and we aim to:

  • improve understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion and publish the benefits to help deliver better care for all
  • improve and sustain the number of BME leaders working in the NHS
  • profile the diverse range of BME leaders delivering solutions across the health and care system.

Who can join?

Membership of the network is open to all NHS leaders from BME backgrounds. We recognise that there are great NHS BME leaders operating in many roles and levels, not just as senior managers, and our network seeks to support them all. 

We also encourage non-BME NHS leaders to become supporters of this network.

By joining or supporting the network you will receive bi-monthly communications on the latest developments in equality, diversity and inclusion, invitations to events and have the opportunity to build connections.

If you're interested in joining or supporting the network, head to our membership page.

The network is supported by the AHSN Network, NHS Leadership Academy and the Royal College of Nursing. 

Join the network

Join a community working together to strengthen the voice of black and minority ethnic NHS leaders.

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Equality, diversity and inclusion

Our equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) programme supports members to improve EDI accountability and leadership, tackling inequality through our EDI networks and partnerships.

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