Furthering the Test and Trace programme is still a key part of our response to the pandemic

Response to the latest Welsh Government briefing on the Coronavirus pandemic.

10 March 2021

Responding to the latest update given by the Welsh Government on the extension of funding for contact tracing and the updated testing strategy, Nesta Lloyd-Jones, Assistant Director of the Welsh NHS Confederation, said:

“We welcome the Health Minister’s announcement of the additional £60 million to enable the contact tracing programme in Wales to continue for a further six months.

“Additionally, the testing strategy outlined today by the Health Minister will be a key part of the picture in our response to the pandemic going forward, alongside the vaccination programme and other existing measures.

“The Test and Trace programme has no doubt helped to control the spread of the virus, with contact tracers in Wales reaching 99.6% of positive cases who were eligible for follow-up and 95% of their close contacts. This will have helped to quickly identify outbreaks and break chains of transmission, whilst providing a more accurate picture of how widespread Coronavirus is in our communities.

“We recognise that people across Wales have suffered both directly and indirectly because of Coronavirus and the measures that have been in place. It is essential that we continue to minimise all risks going forward to allow for some normality in our day to day lives whilst protecting people, the NHS and supporting our health and social care staff.”