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My Mental Health Network: Rob Brougham

Rob Brougham

“What we achieve as a group of organisations is so important”

One of our newest Mental Health Network members, Rob Brougham is UK Managing Director of Ieso Digital Health, a company delivering full therapist-lead CBT via a unique digital platform.

We sat down with Rob to learn more about how he uses his MHN membership:

“I approached MHN membership with very few preconceptions; I thought it might be interesting –a useful forum for finding out more about the mental health landscape, the broader issues at play and how Ieso fits in.

“I had found out that Ieso were MHN members and naturally was interested in how we might get the most value from our membership.

“My background is technology, having spent a lot of my earlier career in telecoms. My experience had been in organisations with a focus on digital. I took a role 5 years ago in digital health and discovered that my passion really lies with marrying health and digital in a way that makes a difference to people’s lives.

“While I had the passion, I didn’t have much specific mental health knowledge – my experience was in physical health and I lacked personal connections within this sector.

“For me, the value has been that through the Mental Health Network I have been able to meet so many well informed, well connected people.

“My first contact with the network was at an awards ceremony last year, which had been put in the diary by my predecessor. It became clear to me at this event that everyone I could possibly want to meet was in the same room – and that this would be an opportunity to make meaningful connections.

“Since then I have attended several events. The network is particularly good at bringing people together and driving discussion. A particular highlight was my first member dinner – a high enjoyable evening centred around deliberately challenging and interesting debate.

“So far, I have met some great people and learned a lot – I hope they were able to learn from me as well.

“I am still new to the sector so hope to do more of the same with my membership. Ieso aims to make our services available across the country and to help more people get better quickly. Ultimately, we are always open to new collaborative opportunities but for now my focus is on learning and relationship building.

“I would absolutely recommend the Mental Health Network. Our collective voice is greater than that of any single organisation and what we achieve as a group of organisations is so important. We are all aware of the challenges, of how far we have come as a sector and how far there is left to go, but there is something very special about facing it all as a team and learning from others.”


About Ieso Digital Health:

Ieso Digital Health provides full, evidence-based, therapist-lead CBT via a digital platform that enables written communication between therapist and patient. Ieso has treated over 20,000 patients across more than 40 CCG regions within the NHS. All treatment conforms to NICE guidelines and each patient has a 1-2-1 relationship with their therapist throughout their treatment.

Because of the unique way that therapy is delivered, Ieso’s platform is able to deliver significant benefits to patients and therapists: digital data is collected from each session which is then used to support therapists to improve. This is then reflected in excellent recovery rates.

Ease of access to services mean that patients are able to access therapy at a time and place that suits them – 24 hours a day. 72% of Ieso therapy sessions take place outside of the hours of 9-5 and the service records outstanding DNA rates as many of the barriers that prevent patients from accessing care are removed.

For further information on Ieso and their provision of NHS-funded services, contact

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