Watch: NED and councillor engagement in systems: What does good look like?

Watch the recording from our session on 21 September.

General information

21 September 2021 12:45 - 14:00 GMT
Open to all

The Local Government Association, NHS Providers, NHS Clinical Commissioners and NHS Confederation collaborated on a series of Tuesday lunchtime webinars, beginning in July and continuing in the autumn from September. For chairs, non-executive directors, councillors, local government officers and lay members, the webinars explored the top issues facing leaders. Each webinar included expert introductions to the theme alongside local leaders sharing their practical experiences and learning, to support local leaders to think through what it will take to make ICSs succeed.

At this session, we heard from NEDs and councillors on what has worked for them and helped them to be involved and play a role in their system.

These webinars were presented as part of the System Transformation Peer Support Programme which is jointly delivered by the Local Government Association, NHS Providers, NHS Clinical Commissioners, NHS Confederation and the ICS Network. This support programme offers peer reviews, workshops, webinars and bespoke support to support local leaders develop their partnerships including ICSs and place-based partnerships.

For more information, go to www.nhsproviders.org/peersupport. For an informal discussion contact Rebecca Gale, Programme Manager at CHIP@local.gov.uk