Mental health and housing: improving services and providing integrated care

Explored how supported housing can support long-term change in mental health pathways to provide community-based alternatives to in-hospital models.

General information

11 May 2021 17:15 - 18:30 GMT
Open to all
Look Ahead Care and Support


The coronavirus pandemic has put the mental health system under extreme pressure and the impact on services is likely to be felt for some time, with increased demand and waiting lists for mental health services due to the pandemic.

Supporting housing providers have continued to deliver high quality housing and therapeutic services to residents through the pandemic, collaborating with NHS trusts and local government in innovative ways, reducing demand on mental health inpatients services by keeping people out of hospital and providing step-down care. Often services have been set up quickly to help trusts with discharging patients to avoid bed blockages.

We should now reflect on what has worked well, why it has worked, and what could be improved. It is also an opportunity to explore longer term barriers which need to be unblocked before supported housing can be a more consistent option for patients and services.

Hosted by the Mental Health Network, and supported by Look Ahead Care and Support, this session explored how supported housing can support long-term and profound change in mental health pathways, to provide community based alternatives to in-hospital clinical models. 

This event is an event for NHS Confederation members.