ICS Network Conference 2022: Impactful Integration

Our annual conference will be located at No.11 Cavendish Square.

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22 November 2022 08:00 - 17:00 GMT
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Free to members
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London, W1G 0AN
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  • Gill Morgan
    Dame Gill Morgan External link icon
    Chair, ICS Network and Chair, Gloucestershire ICS Gloucestershire ICS
  • Matthew Taylor - Chief Executive
    Matthew Taylor
    Chief Executive NHS Confederation
  • Image of Richard Meddings
    Richard Meddings External link icon
    Chair NHS England
  • Joan Saddler
    Joan Saddler OBE
    Director of Partnerships and Equality, NHS Confederation NHS Confederation
  • Sarah Walter
    Sarah Walter
    Director, ICS Network NHS Confederation
  • Cathy Elliot
    Cathy Elliott External link icon
    Chair NHS West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board
  • James Jamieson
    James Jamieson External link icon
    Chair Local Government Association
  • Image of Adam Lent
    Adam Lent External link icon
    Chief Executive New Local
  • Headshot of Elizabeth Anionwu
    Professor Dame Elizabeth Nneka Anionwu External link icon
    Emeritus Professor of Nursing University of West London
  • Image of Mark Cubbon
    Mark Cubbon External link icon
    Chief Delivery Officer NHS England
  • Image of Amanda Whittaker-Brown
    Amanda Whittaker-Brown External link icon
    Senior Advisor, Workforce Local Government Association
  • Image of Ric Whalley
    Ric Whalley External link icon
    Partner Newton
  • Image of Ian Hobbs
    Ian Hobbs External link icon
    Senior Commissioning Manager, Integrated Adult Social Care One Devon ICS
  • Image of Phil Holmes
    Phil Holmes External link icon
    Director of Adults, Health and Wellbeing Doncaster Council
  • Image of Emma Back
    Emma Back External link icon
    Founder Equal Care Co-op
  • Helen Walker
    Helen Walker External link icon
    Chief Executive Carers UK
  • Jonathan Higman
    Jonathan Higman External link icon
    Chief Executive NHS Somerset ICB
  • Image of Gerard Hanratty
    Gerard Hanratty External link icon
    Partner and Head of Health Browne Jacobson
  • Image of Rebecca Smith
    Rebecca Smith External link icon
    Director of System and Social Partnership NHS Employers
  • Image of Marie-Andrée Gamache
    Marie-Andrée Gamache External link icon
    Country President Novartis UK and Ireland
  • Image of Penny Pereira
    Penny Pereira External link icon
    Q Managing Director The Health Foundation
  • Image of Dr Jayne Chidgey-Clark
    Jayne Chidgey-Clark External link icon
    National Guardian for Freedom to Speak Up NHS England
  • Headshot of Cate McLaurin
    Cate McLaurin External link icon
    Director Public Digital
  • Image of Pritesh Mistry
    Pritesh Mistry External link icon
    Pritesh Mistry Fellow, Digital Technologies
  • Image of Jan Thomas
    Jan Thomas External link icon
    Chief Executive Officer NHS Cambridgeshire & Peterborough ICB
  • Image of Susan Thomas
    Susan Thomas External link icon
    Director Google Health UK
  • Image of Matt Neligan
    Matt Neligan External link icon
    Director of System Transformation NHS England and NHS Improvement
  • Image of Foluke Ajayi
    Foluke Ajayi External link icon
    Chief Executive Airedale NHS Foundation Trust
  • Image of Amanda Sullivan
    Amanda Sullivan External link icon
    Chief Executive Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care Board
  • Polly Curtis Demos
    Polly Curtis External link icon
    Chief Executive Demos
  • Jeanette Cookson External link icon
    Locality Manager Skills for Care
  • Headshot of Martin Walker
    Martin Walker External link icon
    Policy Advisor for Personalised Commissioning and Self-directed Support The Think Local Act Personal Partnership
  • Image of Sarah Blow
    Sarah Blow External link icon
    Chief Executive South West London NHS Integrated Care Board
  • Headshot of Kevin Lavery
    Kevin Lavery External link icon
    Chief Executive Lancashire and South Cumbria ICB
  • Headshot of Ruth Turner
    Ruth Turner External link icon
    Senior Director The Forward Institute
  • Headshot of Gurnak Dosanjh
    Dr Gurnak Dosanjh External link icon
    Clinical Lead Leicestershire and Rutland ICB
  • Headshot of Harprit Hockley
    Harprit Hockley External link icon
    Head of Equality and Inclusion, East of England NHS England
  • Headshot of Mike Bell
    Mike Bell External link icon
    Chair, Croydon Health Services, South West London ICS and Chair, Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust, South East London ICS Chair, Croydon Health Services, South West London ICS and Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust, South East London ICS
  • Headshot of Cedi Fredrick
    Cedi Frederick External link icon
    Chair Kent and Medway ICS
  • David Radbourne External link icon
    Regional Director of Strategy and Transformation NHS South East
  • Headshot of Louise Edwards
    Louise Edwards External link icon
    Executive Director of Strategy Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

This is the first full national face to face annual conference being held by the NHS Confederation ICS Network in London. This event is for ICS Network members: ICB and ICP Chairs, CEOs, Directors, Advisorate members and non-Exec Directors. Sign up for a stimulating day of top speakers, interactive breakout sessions and most importantly networking and sharing experience with your leader peers. We look forward to seeing you there.

To register, please email Sarah Miller

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08.00 – 09.00 – Population health management breakfast session  Maynard Theatre

  • Mid and South Essex ICS is one system looking to drive the best possible outcomes and prevent demand downstream through a new population health management (PHM) programme, which is being designed and delivered at place and neighbourhood level. In this session, Gerdalize du Toit, Community Director at Mid and South Essex ICS, and Ric Whalley, Partner at Newton, will share the steps taken and key learnings so far from this project, and how this data driven model will be used to design and deliver interventions which lead to measurably improved outcomes for people.

    In partnership with

    Newton logo

08.30 – 09.15 – Registration – Atrium outside The Orangery


09.20 – 09.30 – Welcome – Burdett Suite

Chair of the ICS Network advisorate Dame Gill Morgan opens our first face-to-face national conference of the NHS Confederation ICS Network.


09.30 – 10.00 – In conversation with Richard Meddings – Burdett Suite

We are pleased to welcome Richard Meddings, Chair, NHS England, to deliver a keynote speech.


10.00 – 10.45 – Panel discussion – How well do we know our communities? – Burdett Suite

  • Speakers: Cathy Elliott, Chair, West Yorkshire and Harrogate ICB; Polly Curtis, Chief Executive, Demos; Adam Lent, Chief Executive, New Local.

    Community engagement is a challenge of our time for public services. For the newly established Integrated Care Systems, this golden thread must run through all four of their founding key principles - continuously guiding and challenging local decisions about priorities, resources, outcomes and methods of collaboration. How can ICSs embed local people’s voices in their decision-making and value their lived experience in service design, understanding and delivery?

    Whilst awareness of the importance of community engagement is growing, it has never been a strength of statutory organisations, such as the NHS. For an ICS to truly understand how it can improve population health, it first needs to reflect on the question of how much we really know about our own communities - socially, economically and culturally.

    This session will hear from a range of speakers who are leading on community engagement, both from the NHS and, importantly, from within their communities. They will raise different approaches and examples and touch on the key principles behind positive engagement, and empowerment, of those we serve.

10.50 – 11.35 – Developing ICS as learning systems capable of transformation – Burdett Suite

Chair: Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive, NHS Confederation

Speakers: Mark Cubbon, Chief Delivery Officer at NHS England; Penny Pereira, Q Managing Director, The Health Foundation

A panel session of four speakers from the NHS Confederation, NHS England, The Health Foundation and an ICS to explore:

  • What might a ‘learning system’ look like in practice?
  • What are the characteristics needed to create a learning environment at and within systems?
  • How can we ensure they are capable of transformation?


11.35 – 11.55 – Break and networking – The Orangery


11.55 – 12.45 – Breakout sessions

  • Speakers: Phil Holmes, Director of Adults, Health and Wellbeing (DASS), Doncaster Council; Emma Back, Founder, Equal Care Co-op; Helen Walker, Chief Executive, Carer’s UK; Martin Walker, Policy Advisor for Personalised Commissioning and Self-directed Support, Think Local Act Personal Partnership

    This session will explore ways in which ICSs can support the caring infrastructure of places through the support of carers, the development of new forms of home care and a place-based co-production approach.

  • Speakers: Dr Jayne Chidgey-Clark, National Guardian for Freedom to Speak Up, NHS England; Ruth Turner, Senior Director, Forward Institute

    Bringing lessons from within the health sector and beyond, Ruth Turner from the Forward Institute and Dr Jayne Chidgey-Clark from the National Guardian’s Office will discuss the factors that support speaking up in organisations and what role we as leaders play in ensuring we seek out diverse views to listen to.

  • Chair: Sarah Walter, Director, ICS Network

    Speakers: Marie-Andrée Gamache, Country President of Novartis UK and Ireland; Sarah Blow, Chief Executive, South West London ICB; Cedi Frederick, Chair, NHS Kent and Medway; Jonathan Higman, Chief Executive, Somerset ICB

    This session with Novartis will place in focus the importance and power of partnerships and cross-enterprise collaboration to truly transform healthcare. A thought-leadership and challenge-orientated session that considers effective drivers to accelerate PHM and access and adoption of innovation as critical enablers and catalysts to help realise proactive and preventative care systems that are more anticipatory in nature.

    In partnership with 

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  • Chair: Kevin Lavery, Chief Executive, Lancashire and South Cumbria ICB

    This session with Gerard Hanratty, Partner and Head of Health at Browne Jacobson, will explore from the experience of supporting the establishment of ICBs and ICSs, how ICBs and their partners working across an ICS can create governance systems to enable and support subsidiarity, taking into account that an ICS consists of statutory bodies and policy constructs, such as place and provider collaboratives. In analysing how function mapping has been applied to ensure the right decisions are made at a local and central levels, the ability to meet the objective of integrating health and social care can be evaluated from the legal perspective. Consideration will also be given to whether further legislative or policy clarification would benefit the objective of integration.

    In partnership with

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12.45 – 13.45 – Lunch – The Orangery


13.45 – 14.35 – Breakout sessions

  • Chair: Cate McLaurin, Director, Public Digital

    Speakers: Dr Susan Thomas, Clinical Director, Google Health; Pritesh Mistry, Fellow, Digital Technologies, The Kings Fund; Jan Thomas, Chief Executive, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough ICB, Gurnak Dosanjh, Clinical Lead for Home First and Urgent & Emergency Care, Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland ICB

    During this session ICS leaders will hear how ICSs can drive wider collaboration across their system through improvements in interoperability.

    Delegates will hear practical examples from a range of speakers including the King’s Fund, who will discuss the learning from their recent report on interoperability. There will be an opportunity for ICS leaders to raise specific questions and talk through some of the challenges and the role of culture and leadership in collaboration.

    In partnership with 

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  • Speakers: Rebecca Smith, Director of Systems and Programme Development, NHS Employers; Jeannette Cookson, Locality Manager, Skills for Care; Amanda Whittaker-Brown, Senior Advisor, Workforce, LGA; Ian Hobbs, Senior Commissioning Manager, Integrated Adult Social Care, Devon ICS.

    This joint session with NHS Employers, Skills for Care and the Local Government Association (LGA) will outline how they came together to produce guidance on integrated workforce thinking and how each of these organisations can support members to do this successfully. We will be providing members with some practical steps to consider before they begin to integrate their workforce thinking.

    We will also be hearing from Devon ICS who have integrated their workforce across health and social care to give an idea of what can be achieved when systems work collectively.

  • Chair: Matt Neligan, Director of Primary Care and System Transformation, NHS England

    Speakers: Foluke Ajayi, Chief Executive, Airedale NHS Foundation Trust; Amanda Sullivan, Chief Executive, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICB; Louise Edwards, Executive Director of Strategy, Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust; David Radbourne, Regional Director of Strategy and Transformation, NHS South East;

    This interactive panel session will focus on the relationship between providers and ICBs. Each speaker will put forward their case on the following:

    ‘Describe how governance arrangements and relationships between provider and ICB in your patch are playing out. What role do NHSE and DHSC play in supporting and overseeing this? How can these relationships support planning and delivery on short- and longer-term priorities? What are the challenges and how do you think you can overcome them?’

    The audience will be asked to raise their hands for which arrangement or set of relationships resonates with them based on their own system context and will be invited to explain the reason behind this.

14.35 – 15.00 – Mid-afternoon break – The Orangery


15.10 – 16.15 – Panel discussion – Are ICSs truly committed to race equality within their health systems and local communities? – Burdett Suite

Chair: Joan Saddler OBE, Director of Partnerships and Equality, NHS Confederation

Speakers: Professor Dame Elizabeth Nneka Anionwu; Harprit Hockley, Head of Equality and Inclusion, NHS England (East of England); Marie Gabriel, Chair, North East London ICS; Mike Bell, Chair, Croydon Health Services, South West London ICS and Chair, Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust, South East London ICS.

The link between race equality and health inequalities is well established. Patients and staff from Black and minority ethnic groups continue to experience discrimination within the UK health service, leading to disparities in treatment, experiences and health outcomes. 

This session will hear from a range of speakers who are actively bringing about race equality for both patients and staff. We will explore how ICSs can continue to create opportunities for collaboration in equality, diversity, and inclusion to truly become anti-racist systems.


16.15 – 16.30 – Close –  Burdett Suite

ICS Network director Sarah Walter will summarise the day’s events and close the conference.


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    Browne Jacobson LLP are specialist healthcare lawyers offering exceptional service to health and social-care providers, commissioners and regulators across the country. Their experience in both the private and public sectors means they are a trusted advisor to over 100 NHS bodies, more than 150 local authorities and many independent providers. Their clients choose to stay with them because of their extensive sector knowledge, accessible advice, progressive approach and their commitment to delivering exceptional service as standard. With a large team of healthcare solicitors operating nationwide, you can rely on them whether you need assistance on a national or local scale. They're sure their specialist, pragmatic and bespoke healthcare legal advice will help you to achieve the results you are looking for.



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    We work toward this vision by meeting people in their everyday moments and empowering them to stay healthy and partnering with caregivers to provide more accurate, accessible and equitable care. Our teams are applying our expertise and technology to improve health outcomes globally – with high-quality information and tools to help people manage their health and wellbeing, solutions to transform care delivery, research to catalyze the use of artificial intelligence for the screening and diagnosis of disease, and data and insights to the public health community.



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    At Novartis, our purpose is to reimagine medicine to improve and extend people’s lives. We use innovative science and technology to address some of society’s most challenging healthcare issues and we work together with the system to implement solutions that drive access for UK patients. From research to delivery, we are a valued partner in the healthcare ecosystem, supporting in times of crisis and beyond, to build solutions that provide better care and access opportunities for every patient in the UK.



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    Accurx is where conversations happen with and about patients. Through one, easy-to-use platform, we help everyone involved in a patient’s care to communicate and collaborate. Our secure and integrated platform lets NHS staff send SMS messages and medical surveys, hold video consultations, provide appointment reminders and referrals, view patient GP records and manage virtual wards, outpatient clinics and follow-up pathways. In primary care, 98% of GPs in England use Accurx for seamless communication, and we have users in more than 100 Trusts. We enable teams across ICSs to coordinate care quicker and more efficiently. With Accurx, ICSs and Trusts have the means to tackle elective care waiting lists, save time and money, improve patient experience, manage PIFU, reduce DNAs and make safer, speedier clinical decisions about patients. Every interaction with Accurx helps to build a better-connected healthcare system, where easy communication changes and saves lives every day. 



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    Anima is the next-generation care enablement platform for healthcare teams, built from the ground up for system-wide working at scale - across primary, secondary and community care. Anima brings together everything ICSs need under one platform: we take an information-complete history for any patient presentation, and supercharge care teams and networks with productivity tools. Our powerful integrations across the patient journey mean Anima automatically saves all activity in-line to the patient record, with all relevant clinical codes and attachments automatically added. We supercharge teams across ICSs, PCNs and eHubs with a full suite of productivity tools, including: patient request limits, live capacity, auto-assignments, notes & letter automation, plus audit & analytics. Anima is the only platform to fully embed network-level working, and teams are already using our eHub workflows, MDT Hub and GP Connect integration to access a single source of patient truth in 30 seconds and deliver truly integrated care.



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    The Good Governance Institute exists to help create a fairer, better world.  The work of our Institute is supported by our ethical management consultancy. The consultancy work informs and is informed by the institute - through our publications and events, and through joint events with the NHS Confederation as their Governance Partner, we share learnings from across ICSs as well as best practices in other sectors and internationally. We have worked with over 600 boards over the last 12 years. Over the last 2 years, we have been supporting over 15 Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) establish and develop their governance arrangements. Key areas of focus now are ICB board development, systems development, ICP and ICB strategy development, system risk appetite, system board assurance frameworks, governance of place, delegation to place and provider collaboratives, preparing for ICB end-of-year reviews, supporting system partners (NHS trusts, local authorities, VCSE, private sector) meet the opportunities and challenges presented by the establishment of ICSs. 



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    Hero Health helps NHS clinicians automate appointment scheduling. Through intelligent online booking and dynamic messaging, we drive administrative efficiencies and improve patient experiences. Hero helps to reduce telephone queues, improves patient experience and streamlines practice workflows to hit QOF targets. GPs & PCNs needing to meet the requirements of Enhanced Access can use Hero to enable practices to invite their patients to book into Hubsites. Cross-enterprise collaboration is the future of the NHS. Hero is the technology that enables this way of working.



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    Newton support health organisations and health and social care systems to redesign ways of working and implement measurable and sustainable change which is better for people, better for staff and delivers real financial benefit. They are specialists in tackling the highly complex challenges faced by today’s public sector, by designing and implementing the operational, digital and people-centred change that needs to happen to solve them. Newton work side by side with their clients, to bring insights which drive change, working together to design, implement and sustain lasting improvement. They have a strong track record in doing this across whole health and care systems, helping system leaders to align their vision and strategy and translating that into an operational blueprint which they then co-design and deliver to fit the local situation. They put 100% of their fixed implementation fee at risk against achieving measurable results. In one recent engagement, Newton helped to deliver an integrated model for urgent and intermediate care services for older people which is forecast to achieve more than £40m savings since the programme began. 


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