Exploring the Political Landscape and Preparing for the Coming Election Period

This webinar will focus on understanding the political landscape and practical steps leaders can take to prepare for the coming election period.

General information

21 November 2023 14:00 - 15:00 GMT
Member only


This is the second of a series of two webinars designed to support members to understand public attitudes towards the NHS, how the health service is likely to feature in the run up to the election, and what messaging and other tactics are most likely to shore up public support for the NHS.

This session will be chaired by our director of communications Daniel Reynolds. Building on our public perceptions work, which we covered in first session, we will look at the wider political landscape and practical steps that members can take to prepare for the next general election.

We will consider voter expectations and how these are likely to influence the strategies of each of the major political parties, as well as identifying any particular 'battleground' issues that will be relevant for the NHS. The session will conclude with our assessment of likely scenarios and recommendations for leaders.

We also will hear from Public First, the consultancy that was involved in some of our initial research, on their recommendations for NHS leaders, including around messaging. Finally, we will outline the NHS Confederation's own positions and election strategy, which has been agreed with our Board of Trustees and other member networks.

The session will also include an opportunity for questions and answers.

Members from across the health and care sector are welcome to attend, particularly chairs, chief executives, executive and deputy directors, as well as communications leads.

Please note that this will be a private, member-only, session where we intend to share insights from our research that will not be made more widely available.