PCN Network conference session summary: Health and the economy

Significant opportunity for the NHS to embrace and maximise its role as an anchor institution.

1 December 2020

Catch up on the talking points at this PCN Network virtual conference session.

Chair and panellists

  • Sheinaz Stansfield, PCN Managers’ Forum, PCN Network; Director of Transformation, Birtley Oxford Terrace PCN
  • Dr Mark Spencer, Co-Chair, PCN Network; CD Fleetwood PCN
  • Lucy MacNeil, Trustee, West View Community Association
  • Steve Newsham, Regional Director, Regenda Homes
  • Andrea Wallace, Senior Economic Development Officer, Wyre Council
  • Michael Wood, Head of Health Economic Partnerships, NHS Confederation

Key points

Interdependent relationship between health and the economy
There is significant opportunity for the NHS to embrace and maximise its role as an anchor institution. Opportunities in improving local workforce, civic restoration, regeneration and supply chains.

PCN role in the local economy
The multi-agency approach of primary care presents an important connecting point. PCNs have the ability to contribute to population health strategies at integrated care system level and there is an opportunity for civic partners to support each other locally in narrative and policy.

‘Anchor people’
Individuals have an important role to play at neighbourhood level. There are difficulties in meeting the basic needs of local communities, such as through food banks, and the opportunity to improve service delivery through digital, upskilling of local residents and more integrated working between civic groups. There is a role for PCNs to support and contribute to such initiatives.

Key quotes

"When the British economy sneezes, the NHS catches a cold."

"It cannot be the sole responsibility of the NHS to improve the health and wellbeing of local populations."

Questions for consideration

  • How can PCNs get more involved in local discussions about issues such as housing, development and education? Who should PCNs be seeking to forge closer relationships with to do so?

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