Case Study

Turning Point: Crisis Support and Recovery Lounge

How drop-in support services in Manchester are filling a gap in mental health provision, reducing A&E attendance and complementing the wider system.

26 October 2023


  • We visited Turning Point's facilities in Manchester, where a recovery lounge and support services are providing people with an alternative non-medicalised space to go in times of mental health crisis. 
  • The project works on the principle of early intervention and prevention, diverting people away from acute and secondary care services, particularly A&E departments, that may be less appropriate.
  • While Turning Point is a third sector organisation, the recovery lounge is delivered in partnership with Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust and Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership.
  • For this case study, we gathered insights from senior managers, care workers, and service users on why the offer is so valuable for patients, providing impetus to scale-up the 'crisis café' model more widely across systems.