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Travel and Expenses Policy

Arrangements for both travel and expense claims for costs incurred in the course of delivering NHS Confederation business.

19 December 2023

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Purpose of this policy

The organisation recognises that staff, contractors, and trustees may incur expenditure in the course of their employment or whilst travelling on business and that such expenditure should be reimbursed.

The purpose of this policy is to detail:

(i) Responsibilities

(ii) The types of expenditure that will be reimbursed

(iii) The limits and guidelines for travel and expenses

(iv) The procedure reimbursement of travel and expenses costs

Failure to adhere to this policy will be treated as a disciplinary matter.


This policy applies to everyone working at or with the NHS Confederation. It applies to:

  • all staff, including chief executives, directors, senior managers, employees (whether permanent, fixed-term or temporary), seconded staff, homeworkers, agency workers and volunteers
  • consultants and contractors
  • trustees and committee members.

Any employing or contracting manager must ensure that all temporary staff, consultants, or contractors are aware of this policy.

By the NHS Confederation we mean the NHS Confederation charity, any subsidiary companies and any hosted networked organisation.

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