Agenda for Change (Wales) - Job Evaluation

Job Evaluation (JE) is a key part of the Agenda for Change pay system that covers over one million NHS staff.
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Job Evaluation /Job Description Review Group

Joint Policy Statement v3.0

Consistent with the commitment of employers, trades unions representatives and Welsh Government to work in partnership to maintain a fair and consistent NHS pay system which supports NHS Service modernisation and delivery and meets the reasonable career aspirations of staff. NHS Wales is committed to the fair and consistent application of the NHS job evaluation scheme both at national and local (organisation) level.

NHS Wales directly employs approximately 94,000 people across 13 Health Boards, 
Trusts, and Special Health Authorities and in the region of 90% of these staff are fulfilling roles subject to the national job evaluation scheme. We recognise that the NHS job evaluation scheme was established 20 years ago, in a considerably different landscape and that the pressures experienced across the NHS have no doubt had an impact upon the way in which the scheme is applied and/or perceived. We also recognise that as models of delivery have modernised, the demand for new and different roles has increased.

As a result, there are significant numbers of job descriptions for the same or comparable roles, the time taken to review changes in roles and the impact on pay, in some instances is too long and impacts on confidence and morale, and there are concerns that people are being asked to undertake duties that exceed the expectations of their role or band.

In order to address these issues and to ensure consistent application of the national job evaluation scheme and to further support the work to enhance career progression opportunities and improve retention within NHS Wales a review of the current state of job evaluation and job descriptions is underway in partnership.

This Review will:

  • Promote awareness and understanding of the role and status of the NHS Job Evaluation Scheme amongst employers and employees.
  • Ensure the capacity, capability and governance of Job Evaluation and Job Description development and review at national and local level is fit for purpose.
  • Develop proposals for the implementation of All-Wales Job Descriptions for high priority, high volume roles to support fairness, equity, flexibility, and portability across NHS Wales
  • Develop proposals for an All-Wales Job Evaluation Policy which will include the need to maintain a 3 yearly review of job descriptions.

NHS Wales will not discriminate, either directly or indirectly, on the grounds of any of the characteristics protected by the Equality Act 2010 or any other personal characteristic in the implementation of this policy.

We aspire to a diverse workforce and recognise that compassionate leadership does not mean treating everyone the same but treating them fairly and taking into account detailed knowledge of individual staff members’ needs, circumstances, and background”.

Joint Chairs of the Welsh Partnership Forum Business Committee