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Autism (Wales) Bill

There is insufficient evidence to show that autism-specific legislation would enhance services being delivered across NHS Wales and local government.

17 September 2018

Welsh Government draft budget

Radical transformation of healthcare is now the only way in which NHS Wales can hope to be on a sustainable footing for the longer term.

13 September 2018

The key priorities for carers in Wales

Key areas the Health, Social Care and Sport Committee should consider on the impact of the Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act 2014 on carers.

29 August 2018

Core Principles leaflet

The Core Principles have been developed to help and support NHS Wales staff.

28 August 2018

Y celfyddydau ar gyfer iechyd a lles

Mae’r briff hwn yn rhoi trosolwg o’r ffyrdd y mae GIG Cymru yn gwireddu’r cyfle hwn ac yn gwella canlyniadau ar gyfer cleifion.

7 August 2018

Arts for health and wellbeing

Find out how the NHS in Wales is using the arts to keep people well, aid recovery and improve quality of life.

1 August 2018

Celebrating 70 years of the NHS

This briefing celebrates 70 years of the NHS in Wales, recognises how it has evolved and considers what the NHS of the future might look like.

3 July 2018