Workforce – maximising the potential of new PCN roles: PCN Network conference session summary

Talking points and key questions on the potential of new roles under the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS).

1 December 2020

Catch up on the talking points at this PCN Network virtual conference session.

Chair and panellists

  • Professor Simon Gregory, Deputy Medical Director, Health Education England
  • Janet Castrogiovanni, Managing Director Primary Care Board, Greater Manchester Health and Care Partnership
  • Dr Sian Stanley, Clinical Director Board Member, PCN Network; Clinical Director, Stort Valley and Villages PCN

Key points

1) Infrastructure support is challenging
2) Training and management of staff is a concern
3) Paramedic role raises particular concerns

Infrastructure support
Big issues on infrastructure support for the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS), including: personal support, physical estate issues and IT. The lack of investment in premises and IT was a barrier to additional roles.

Training and the management of new staff is a concern. The training hubs will help to bridge the gap between the education provision in primary and secondary care, but they will be quite limited.

Economies of scale
There is value in economies of scale and working with others to help with recruitment and to share the risk. This also helps to create more sustainable employment.

There were a range of concerns about the role of paramedics and also the potential opportunities that working together can bring. Concerns ranged from uncertainty around the pay banding for paramedics recruited through the ARRS to ways to work with ambulance trusts that best support everyone. The rotational paramedic model was discussed and the benefits of that model to general practice, paramedics and ambulance trusts.

Questions for consideration

  • Should NHS England and NHS Improvement be doing more to support GPs to access infrastructure support, particularly funding for estates and IT?
  • How can PCNs work with ambulance trusts to agree a model that works for GPs, trusts and paramedics?

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