Upholding professional standards in Wales

This procedure sets out the approach for addressing concerns about capability, performance and conduct for all* doctors and dentists in NHS Wales.

1 October 2015

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*The procedure applies to doctors and dentists (referred to below as “practitioners” in the rest of the document) employed by Local Health Boards or other NHS organisations in Wales.

It replaces all existing procedures in operation within the Local Health Boards and NHS Trusts in NHS Wales or successor bodies with effect from 1 September 2015, “the effective date”.

The new procedure replaces all previous disciplinary procedures enshrined in WHC(90)22 and DGM(95)44, as implemented by any NHS organisation or LHB policy document. The procedure also replaces the provisions in WHC (82)17 for Special Professional Panels (the “Three Wise Men”) as implemented by NHS Wales organisations. The right of appeal to the Secretary of State, held by certain practitioners under paragraph 190 of their terms and conditions of service, is also abolished from the effective date of this procedure.