Local solutions to national challenges: delivering our commitment to patients

Key enablers so CCGs have the freedoms and flexibilities to transform healthcare for their local populations and concentrate on the big issues.

25 October 2015

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Local Solutions to National Challenges, puts forward a series of key “asks” to policy-makers, regulators and the government aimed at giving CCGs the freedoms and flexibilities they need to transform healthcare for their local populations and concentrate on the big issues: sickness prevention, health inequality and healthcare targeted to the needs of the patient.

It has been developed with our members and details a number of asks from national bodies which include:

  • Allowing CCGs to focus on the long term view, with planning for at least the next five years rather than annually, and a multi-year financial settlement to support this
  • A new single outcomes framework for health, public health and social care which will allow CCGs to focus on tackling long term health issues
  • A more mature partnership with national bodies, with an end to micromanagement, a more proportionate assurance regime and support when CCGs have to make tough decisions
  • Real recognition that diverse geographies need diverse local solutions and that a one size fits all model will not work – while national government may set out the principles they should not dictate policy, leaving CCGs to choose the best healthcare for their local populations
  • Reform of the current tariff system of payment that which they feel favours hospital care over sickness prevention