Health for Care coalition calls on PM to 'fix social care'

Coalition urges PM to set timetable for social care reform to address the immediate crisis and place the sector on a sustainable footing.

19 August 2020

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In a letter to the Prime Minister, the Health for Care coalition, led by the NHS Confederation, calls on Boris Johnson to set out a timetable for social care reform and to fix social care once and for all.

For too long, there have been debates about the nature of reform, but we the coalition is clear that:

  • Eligibility should be based on need and widened to include both older people and those of working age with unmet or under-met need.
  • We need a workforce strategy which encompasses health and care, tackles the recruitment and retention crisis in the sector, and addresses the serious inadequacies in pay, training and career progression for social care staff.
  • We need a set of measures to support unpaid carers which recognises their huge contribution to the economy.
  • The government must seek to build stronger ties between the health and social care sectors, and between them and the wide array of community, voluntary and third-sector providers.