Does the NHS have a listening problem?

Sir Norman Lamb and Matthew Bolton on a unique approach to community engagement in South London, and Sally Gainsbury on the NHS's financial outlook.

23 May 2024

A critique sometimes levelled at parts of the NHS is that it suffers from a listening problem; that it talks a good game when it comes to community engagement, but does not always follow through. Yet in South London, a unique initiative is underway that challenges this notion. In this episode, Matthew Taylor is joined by Sir Norman Lamb and Matthew Bolton, who, together with a range of local partners, have spearheaded South London Listens – community engagement, but not as you know it. Discover more about the novel approach and why community engagement must be seen as part of how health and care truly deals with the wider determinants of health.

Plus, with the NHS experiencing the tightest financial challenge in years, we speak to health and care finance expert Sally Gainsbury, for her take on the financial outlook facing the NHS. Weighing in on the efficiency targets facing NHS leaders, she shares why a healthy dose of realism is needed now more than ever.

  • Sir Norman Lamb is chair of South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and taskforce co-chair for South London Listens
  • Matthew Bolton is executive director of Citizens UK
  • Sally Gainsbury is senior policy analyst at the Nuffield Trust

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