NHS Wales Employers COVID-19

Advice, guidance and support for NHS employers in Wales.
A person holds a COVID-19 testing kit.

The situation with the COVID–19 (coronavirus) is a fast moving and developing issue.

There is delicate balance to strike in relation to ensuring that we maximise the availability of staff whilst at the same time supporting the control of the spread of this virus and safeguard the health and wellbeing of staff.  There is an expectation that organisations take appropriate and proportionate action to support staff in their organisational responses and communications which do not inadvertently work against this approach.

We are working with colleagues across Welsh Government and with trade union partners and UK colleagues to provide ongoing clarity in this area to ensure that our advice, guidance and support is joined up  to ensure and that there is ongoing consistent advice in relation to wider aspects of employment and management responses.  Likewise, the development of plans and approaches at local level should be made in partnership, wherever possible.

Advice for the public

Please see Public Health Wales website.

General workforce advice and guidance