What we do

Our mission is to be the authentic voice of the NHS leadership in Wales.
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We aim to support our members in improving the health of the population and the planning and delivery of high-quality health care. 

Why we do it

Our vision is for the NHS in Wales to provide a continually improving comprehensive health service that is available to all and based on clinical need not an individual’s ability to pay.

How we do it 

We work with our Members to be a driving force for positive change through;

  • Building relationships and working in partnership with other organisations
  • Engaging with Ministers, Members of the Senedd, key stakeholders and Government officials
  • Responding to consultations, inquiries and reviews and appearing at or supporting Members to attend Senedd Committees
  • Helping people understand the challenges facing the NHS in Wales and the need for change
  • Sharing good practice from across Wales and the rest of the world
  • Building relationships with the media and communication teams across the NHS in Wales
  • Organising and hosting events and meetings to bring key NHS Wales employees and stakeholders together
  • Representing our Members at conferences, external events and key meetings
  • Producing and publishing briefing documents and reports to help inform and shape debate
  • Working with colleagues in the wider NHS Confederation to share learning, good practice and policy thinking
  • Hosting NHS Wales Employers, who support the strategic agenda of the NHS in Wales from an NHS employers’ perspective.  

Take a look at  our annual review for 2020/21 to find out how we've supported and represented our members this year.