PCN Network

A strong national voice for primary care networks across England.
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The PCN Network is the membership body for primary care networks, representing the views of PCNs across England.

We are dedicated to supporting PCNs and ensuring you are effectively represented within the health and care system by influencing national policy and debate on your behalf. A nascent part of the health and care system, PCNs are crucial to the future of the NHS and have shown their value throughout the pandemic and the rollout of the vaccination programme.

To support you, we:

  • promote your role within the NHS Long Term Plan, both now and in the medium term
  • ensure you have access to the information, advice and support your need to grow and fulfil your potential
  • ensure you have influence within your local health and care system, through direct support and links with other NHS Confederation networks
  • work with other partners and stakeholders to develop a vision of what the future will look like and to drive improvement

As a member of the PCN network, you benefit from our work to represent, connect and support you.

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Do you lead a GP federation? Our Primary Care Federation Network is the place for you.

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Keep informed of policy developments, have your views represented at the highest levels and access support to meet your objectives.

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Networks & countries

We meet the specific needs of different parts of our membership across the UK and Europe through our various networks and support programmes.

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