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Our improvement resource hub contains useful information on all aspects of improvement, as part of our peer learning offer.
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Welcome to our improvement resource hub where you can find all our blogs, case studies, podcasts, videos and reports which relate to system improvement work. 

This is also the place to find all the resources connected with our Learning and Improving Across Systems - Peer Learning Programme. 

Influencing Tools and Resources


Three levels of resistance: 

Rick Maurer’s resistance to change. It looks at how people are experiencing change, it’s a really simple tool to support uncovering what their resistance is about, how we can understand it and what we do address it.

Narrative to change:

This narrative canvas is for people to support develop narrative and the case for change.

Influencing plan:

If there a person or a group of system partners that you want to bring onboard or influence, or someone who may challenge your point of view, the influencing plan looks at how you can find commonality to move the conversation into a different way.  

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