Case Study

Using a multimedia digital solution to reduce follow-up outpatient appointments

Reducing follow-up appointments for knee surgery patients at Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust.
Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust

19 October 2023


Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust has reduced the number of additional outpatient appointments required following knee surgery, by introducing a multimedia operation report for patients to look at in their own time after their surgery.

What the organisation faced

After carrying out a survey of patients undergoing knee arthroscopy surgery, Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust found that almost 25 per cent of these patients felt they were not alert enough to discuss their surgery during the post-operation period, and almost three quarters were unable to recall post-operation instructions such as weight-bearing advice. Consequently, over half of patients required additional outpatient appointments to help their understanding of the surgery and the care needed after it.


In 2020, Mr Dave Duffy, a consultant trauma and orthopaedic surgeon at the trust, began developing a solution using a multimedia operation report for patients undergoing a knee arthroscopy.

He devised a tool, using the Arthrex Synergy Surgeon app, to give patients a clear understanding of what they have experienced. In this process, each knee arthroscopy procedure is videoed with a step-by-step audio explanation so the patient can fully understand the procedure. The patient is also patient is provided with access to videos that explain the next steps they should be taking in their recovery.


Since the introduction of the multimedia solution, only 15 per cent of patients who have received it have felt they would need a further follow-up appointment.

Mr Dave Duffy, the creator of the service said “The multimedia solution we have introduced has proven to be a real success. All of the patients who have received a report have stated they found the video of the operation and the post-operative advice very reassuring. The report puts patients’ minds at ease, provides answers to many of their questions and in many cases removes the need for further appointments or written communications.”

Reducing the number of follow-up appointments allows clinicians to spend more time helping other patients, which has a positive impact on waiting times.

Further information and contact details

The trust has since invested in a new health research and innovation hub to promote and enable research, innovation and digital improvement through sharing knowledge and learning. The hub looks to create an easily accessible place for innovators into the Harrogate and district health system to enable closer working with academic, business, and healthcare sectors.

The trust has received lots of enquiries about the innovation from other partners in the NHS and is keen to share this learning and help scale up the innovation to benefit more patients and services. 

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