Case Study

Delivering neighbourhood level integrated care in Leeds

In-depth case study on delivering neighbourhood-level integrated care in Leeds.

21 July 2020

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This case study forms part of a series published as part of this Neighbourhood Integration Project.


In 2014, 13 multidisciplinary neighbourhood teams were created across Leeds with the aim of developing closer working between adult health and social care services across the city.

The organisations involved in this included the local authority, Leeds City Council, the community, mental health and acute trusts (Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust), NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group, Leeds GP Confederation as well as local universities, charity and third sector organisations including Healthwatch Leeds. One of the key catalysts for the programme was hearing about how neighbourhood integration had been successfully implemented elsewhere.

In 2011, Sir John Oldham visited Leeds to speak about work he had developed around long term conditions and neighbourhood teams. This had a huge impact on the whole system, from the council to community and acute services, and led to a desire for services to work better together. 

Key learning

  • All organisations involved in transformation need to develop and commit to a shared vision and shared principles to deliver more integrated care.
  • Joint working across organisations needs to be made real by bringing teams together wherever possible. Being located in the same building can be hugely valuable in fostering collaborative working and can help staff develop their knowledge and skills.
  • Partnering with organisations outside of the health and care sector, including housing, employment and the third sector and community groups, can make sure that the wider determinants of health and wellbeing are integral to the support people are offered.