Anti-racism is more than a statement within the NHS Confederation.

Anti-racism is more than a statement for us at the NHS Confederation. Being an anti-racist organisation means that we actively target, challenge and remove systemic barriers that enable racism, recognising this as a corporate responsibility. For us, commitment, understanding and action to eliminate racism and reduce health inequalities really matters.

We are committed to driving action to tackle racism and are working with organisations across our membership to confront these issues. We recognise, however, that commitment and action must start at home, with our staff empowered to speak up and tackle racism as core and central to their roles.

Our strategy applies equally to us as it does to our work on behalf of members and our support to them. Tackling racism systematically improves care quality and organisational cultures for all.

Our strategy reflects an asset- and evidence-based approach, demystifying racism, tackling racism in the workforce and supporting members to focus on reducing health inequalities.

This document explores how we will support our members to be anti-racist organisations and systems.