Consultants (Wales)

Pay, Terms and Conditions information relating to Consultants in Wales

Consultant Contract (Wales) 2003

The amended Consultant Contract was introduced in Wales in December 2003.  

This differs from the Consultant contracts that apply in each of the other UK countries, and was negotiated between Welsh Government, the service in Wales, and the BMA.

The agreement was reached through a body known as the Forum Terms and Conditions Committee, which was replaced by the current Joint Welsh Consultant Contract Committee (JWCCC) in 2008, where issues related to the contract are considered.

Appointment of Consultants in the NHS in Wales: Good Practice Guidance May 2022

It is in everyone’s interests, particularly those of patients in Wales, to ensure that high quality and skilled individuals are appointed to consultant job roles. Those roles should be interesting and varied enough to attract high calibre candidates who will want to make their career in Wales. The previous Good Practice Guidance issued in 2012 is superseded and replaced by the 2022 Guidance.