Towards equality for mental health: Developing a cross-government approach

The Mental Health Policy Group report looking at developing a cross-governmental approach to parity of esteem.
Mental Health Network

18 August 2019

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This report looks into developing a cross-governmental approach to achieve parity of esteem for mental health.

The Mental Health Policy Group – a coalition of six organisations working together for better mental health – has published Towards Equality for Mental Health: Developing a Cross-Government Approach.

This new report considers in detail the steps that must be taken if the ambition of ‘parity of esteem’ for mental health is to be achieved in England by 2030/31. Its starting point is the belief that improving the nation’s mental health cannot be achieved through a focus on health services alone, vital though these are. A much more ambitious, cross-government approach to mental health is also required.

Towards Equality for Mental Health makes a number of practical recommendations to develop this cross-governmental approach, based around five key areas:

  • promoting good mental health and prevention
  • tackling inequalities in mental health
  • the NHS and support at the point of need
  • helping people with mental health problems to live well in the community
  • the mental health workforce

Towards Equality for Mental Health was shaped through the views of a broad range of organisations and professionals from the wider health and voluntary sectors, including those representing physical health conditions, money and debt, homelessness and addiction. The Mental Health Policy Group hopes that these recommendations for future action will gain support from everyone who shares their ambition for achieving equality for mental health.